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Food Education/Coaching

Building A Healthier You (BHY) will take you beyond any food-education learning you have experienced in the past. You will build a new relationship with your food (and ultimately, your Self). Bring cellular health, nutrients, and the overall process of eating to a new, conscious level, fueled with intention and knowledge, and built on a foundation of holistic health. You will also learn how to calculate your body's needs at the individual level and have access to a simple toolkit for easy future reference. All essential life-skills that you can take with you for a lifetime.  

​To change the physical body, you must first change your mind. The thoughts, habits, emotions, and patterns you have used in the past will continue to yield the same results. Each thought that we accept as "true" creates a feeling. Feelings determine our actions. Our actions ultimately create our current environment. Coach Nikki will teach you what you need to know to change your thoughts, ultimately changing your actions and your overall Self (mind, body, spirit).

​​BHY offers a fresh perspective that will force your thoughts to change and drive new behaviors. New behaviors will result in new results. Knowledge is power, and Coach Nikki will provide you with the information, tools, and templates you need for continued success.

Coach Nikki created the BHY Portal specifically to offer her clients a dynamic, simple reference point for the various aspects of holistic health that she teaches. The BHY Health Portal provides the flexibility of self-paced learning, packed with life-changing information, accompanied by hands-on practice and tools.

BHY Portal Members will have unlimited access to:

BHY Learning Modules: Self-paced Video Lectures (videos range from 30-90 minutes each in duration)

  • Part 1: Health at the Cellular Level

  • Part 2: Your Fuel Intake

  • Part 3: Macro-nutrients

  • Part 4: Micro-nutrients

  • Part 5: How to Read Ingredients & Nutrition Labels

  • Part 6: Habits & Goals

  • Part 7: Thought-Behavior Model

  • Part 8: Thought Observation and Control

Hunting and Gathering: Navigating the Grocery Store

  • Nutrient-dense Grocery Lists

  • Shopping on a Budget

  • Organic and Non-GMO

  • A Rainbow in your Cart

  • Choosing your Produce

Kitchen Basics: Tools, Technique, and Tasty Combos

  • Basic Kitchen Tools

  • Basic "How-to" Cooking Techniques

  • Cooking with Intention (preserving nutrients)

Focus Papers:  Focused-discussions on a variety of hot-topics on all-things Health. Topics contain, but are not limited to:

  • Cellular Health

  • Reading Nutrition Labels

  • Breath Anatomy and Awareness

  • Beyond Food

  • Supplements

  • Bodily Systems and Functions

  • Chronic Illnesses

Toolkit: Hands-on tools and practices for success

Challenge your Food-Body, with:

  • Food Journaling

  • Calculating Energy Needs

  • Weekly Challenges

Challenge your Mind-Body, with:

  • Body Scans

  • Breathing exercises

  • Meditations

  • Visualizations

  • Self-Check-in's

  • Focus Wheel Exercise

  • "Should" Statements

  • Goal Setting

  • Identifying Excuses and Self-Judgements

  • Statement of Intention

  • Defining "I am"


  • Coach Nikki's Media Gallery offers: Visual Recipes, a glimpse into the beauty of living cells, and everyday humor and vulnerably.

  • Cooking with Living Foods turns "Ingredients" into the main dish every time. What you see is what you get with these simple food combinations. Step into Coach Nikki's kitchen and let your own creativity flow! 

Coach Nikki also offers in-person (Live or Zoom) 1:1 Life Coaching sessions customized to address your individual health-goals, engage in follow-up discussion on topics covered in the portal, or seek assistance in resolving other health-related concern you may have.

Food Education/Coaching: Services
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